Implementation & Project Management

Our implementation strategy can be best characterized in a simple phrase,

Commitment to our users

Our implementation plan combines the best of three key ingredients that are a must for a successful implementation:

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    Intimate knowledge of our application
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    Vast experience in project management and implementation
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    The ability to fine tune application based on the industry requirements

Our implementation team is a potent force of technical experts who have altogether 100 many

years of experience in the development and implementation of digitized systems.

We have distilled years of system solution experiences into methods that produced consistent results. Our implementation experts use time tested methodology to reduce risk inherent in any project. Our approach to project organization ensures that critical project issues get immediate attention. Our project leaders focus on your technical requirements, while project managers focus on resource scheduling and meeting your business needs. We use project monitoring tools to implement checks and balances to keep the project within budget and on schedule

We have given countless training courses and have

always been prepared to provide 'on-going hand-holding' when the training period is over

We believe we have a comprehensive Implementation proof plan that will ensure the successful implementation of the project. The use of our well-tested methodology and the strategy adopted will enable users to reap the benefits of the project within the estimated time frame, and with all the functionality required plus more.