KM Consultation

Core Services


  • Identification of knowledge repository and content
  • Audit of legacy repositories, Knowledge Information Data (KID) banks  and contents
  • Development & alignment of data application & technology architectures to business/ organisational architecture
  • Development of referenced master data
  • Development of Service Oriented (SOA) & Collaborative Enterprise Architecture
  • Recommendation of Organisational EA Alignment

Organisational Strategic Needs

Tacit Knowledge Audit

  • Job Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA)
  • Individual/Expert CTA
  • Competency Mapping

Organisational Culture Diagnosis

  • Assessment of organisational culture
  • Culture typing and profiling and relationship to KM/learning as well as analytics/performance management
  • Role of leadership in shaping the culture for KM/learning and performance management


  • Document and content analyses of existing Corporate Plan, ISP and Quality Management Manuals
  • Identification of appropriate/improved contents for KM implementation
  • Formulation of K-Policy guideline

Support Services


  • Organisational and KM/ learning capability assessment
  • IKM maturity level measurement
  • Gap & intervention analysis on current and future organisational KM


  • Classification and management of four organisational KM cornerstones:
    • People
    • Processes
    • Content
    • Technology
  • Visualisation in the form of knowledge maps

Change Management


  • KM introduction training modules.
  • User engagement research approach applied
  • KM & EA for strategic, tactical and operational management training